List of Required Jobs And Professions in Germany 2022 + Salaries And Vacancies

What is the list of professions and salaries required in Germany in 2022? We also know that the German labor market needs men and women who are highly skilled in their fields.

Foreign professionals have a good chance in in-demand jobs in Germany in particular, according to a study conducted by Bertelsmann Stiftung and published in February 2019, which shows that Germany is heavily dependent on immigration from outside Europe.

It predicts that by 2060, Germany will have an annual immigration need of at least 260000 people, and the study says the number of immigrants from outside the European Union could reach about 114000 per year.

In December 2018, the federal government passed the “Qualified Migration” law, which aims to facilitate access to the German labor market for non-EU citizens with professional qualifications.

There are many vacancies in Germany, especially in the field of programming, as Germany is a country that is very much looking to attract qualified people, especially in the field of programming, engineering, medicine, and technical fields in general.

Some of the programming languages required in Germany 2022-2021 include Java and JavaScript in its various frameworks (Angular, React, Vue.js), as well as PHP and anything related to web application development in general.

What is the list of professions and salaries required in Germany in 2022?

  • Software developers
  • Architects
  • Civil Engineers
  • Electronic engineers
  • electricians
  • nurses
  • Computer consultants or computer analysts
  • Economists and business management experts
  • Customer advisors and account managers
  • Production assistants
  • Sales representatives
  • Sales managers and product managers

Are there job opportunities for foreigners in Germany?

There are good opportunities for foreign workers seeking employment in Germany, especially in the jobs we mentioned in the previous paragraph.

What is the average salary in Germany?

What does a nurse earn in Germany? What is the salary of a construction engineer in Berlin? What about the salary of a doctor in Germany? The answers can be found in the salary database compiled by the German Federal Employment Agency.

It is based on a comprehensive set of statistical data and allows for detailed investigations by occupation, region, demographic group, and gender.

The highest-paid jobs in Germany:

  • Pilot
  • Prof
  • Company Director
  • Doctor
  • Industrial Engineer

Lowest paying jobs in Germany:

  • Beauty and personal care
  • Florist / florist
  • Food sales
  • Kitchen area (cook/assistant cook…)
  • Cleaners

Crafts and skilled trades in demand in Germany

Approximately 5 million people work in the crafts and skilled trades. Crafts and skilled trades are the main driving force behind small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany. They are considered a key factor in the German economy. They cover many areas, including:

  • Clothing, textile, and leather industries
  • Building and related trades
  • Car mechanics
  • Beauticians and hairdressers
  • Painters and sculptors
  • Plumbing
  • Artisanal food production

If you have a passion for working in the crafts, Germany offers many opportunities to study in these fields through vocational training (Ospeldung).

You can also work in Germany by having an employment contract with a German company and having diplomas and certificates recognized by Germany. You can enter Germany with a job search visa

Job opportunities for Arabic speakers in Germany

In fact, job opportunities for Arabic speakers are almost non-existent, and getting a job in Germany without mastering the German language is very difficult, but there are some professions in which the German language requirement can be bypassed, such as professions and jobs related to programming or translation, which can only be accessed with a command of English.

What is the average salary in Germany?

How do I find a job in Germany?

To find a job in Germany, you can contact the Job Center or use the main job portals and company networks in Germany.

But there are applications and websites to search for jobs in Germany that offer an incredible way to access the German job market.

In this paragraph, we will introduce you to the best job boards in Germany.

Official Job Search Sites in Germany:

Whether you are looking for job training or permanent employment in Germany, browsing the German Federal Employment Agency website is definitely worth it.

The Central Agency for Foreign and Professional Affairs (ZAV) is another site that specializes in job offers and support for international candidates.

It is important to say that this is a free job search site in Germany.

Site links:

General websites for a job search in Germany:

These sites, present the list of occupations and salaries in demand in Germany in 2022 in all sectors and regions in Germany.

There is a reason why all kinds of companies advertise on these sites.

Links to job search sites in Germany:

How to apply for a job in Germany?

Many tips can be given on how to apply for jobs in Germany, such as which certificates you should have on hand and how to structure a CV to apply for a job in German companies.

Do I have to write a business letter in German?

In most cases, it will be necessary and mandatory for you to write a job application or letter in German, but if the job offer is in English, here you can write it in English.

This video explains in a simple way how to write a business letter in Germany, as it explains what you need to know before writing the letter, how the job interview goes, and even how to apply for a job in Germany.

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