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New Games CR is coming to our mobile device this year. In this game you will take control of different COC characters, this free-to-play RPG strategy game made to compete online or multiplayer or offline battle. You can manage heroes and characters of COC to complete campaign or increase your league in this game. Winning in this game will earn some trophies and can challange you to compete with great players around the world although this game has a limitations set that can impede your game progress. Do not worry with this limitations, with our guide you can dominate all of items in this game that will possible and easy to use.

CR Feature

CR Feature

CRe is a strategy game and can allow you take controll of COC characters. This game is different from COC that set base and attack other people base, set in this game is full control of characters and you can move freely on this game arena.
Unique Cards

Unique Cards

This game has a great animation effects, each character on cr can be unlocked using unique card which can you get during the game
Gold Elixir Gems

Gold Elixir Gems

As well as using in app purchase goodies, such as, gold, elixir, and gems. Powerful of dozens card can be used too to gain maximize power of your characters.

Offer Real Money Problems

While playing this game would be exciting, it really tiring and time-consuming to upgrade and collect card of your characters. For example you must pay with gems only to get unique special cards, with greatly limiting to getting gems, this is major pain in the butt, or it will spend you real money. Most people use cr hack or cr cheats to avoid this loophole system.

Gold, Elixir Problem

Another problem is when you play cr, earning gold and elixir is little bit time consuming. Although you can play this for a year, then you will have great dominate account on your device. Gold and elixir can be earned by winning your battle in campaign mode or multiplayer mode, and participacing in quest, you must patience with it or you can spend real money to buy gems and use it to get gold or elixir.

CR Hack – The Solution

CR gamers come here and looking for a good CR cheats Mod that give them real gems. We have developing this online cr hack system that work on all device like iOS iPhone / Android / Mac / PC to solve most of cR players problem. If you are a CR player who wants to enjoy playing this game and search for cheats or hack gems without the difficulty then you are in correct place! Our online based system is safe and very effective, it will give you unlimited amount of gold, elixir, even real gems. You just enter your username of CR and put the amount of gems you want then it all set.

How to Use – Step by Step

How to use our Program Coin Master Hack safely, just enter our site  from your iOS iPhone / Android / Mac / Pc / Laptop device.

  • Click download now button below
  • Put your CR Username, remember this is case sensitive please put your correct uppercase and lowercase of your username.
  • Insert the data that needed to transfer the gold,elixir, and gems source. Don’t forget to tick the proxy to hidden your account being detect by CR server.
  • Press generate, our system will inject it to server, if it show notice to do 1 offer, don’t worry it’s just a Anti spam that we add, just do 1 offer till finish, only take under 10 minutes to finish it. 
  • If you already finished the offer then it will delivered on your account within a minute.

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